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Horne gerald

Pris: 303,-
Horne, Gerald Class Struggle in Hollywood, 1930-1950 (0292731388)

As World War II wound down in 1945 and the cold war heated up, the skilled trades that made up the Conference of Studio Unions (CSU) began a tumultuous strike at the major Hollywood studios. This turmoil escalated…

Pris: 300,-
Horne, Gerald Jazz and Justice (1583677852)

A galvanizing history of how jazz and jazz musicians flourished despite rampant cultural exploitation

The music we call 'jazz' arose in late nineteenth century North America--most likely in New…

Pris: 976,-
Horne Gerald The Dawning of the Apocalypse (1583678735)
August 2019 saw numerous commemorations of the year 1619, when what was said to be the first arrival of enslaved Africans occurred in North America. Yet in the 1520s, the Spanish, from their imperial perch in Santo…
Pris: 262,-
Horne, Gerald The Dawning of the Apocalypse (1583678727)
August 2019 saw numerous commemorations of the year 1619, when what was said to be the first arrival of enslaved Africans occurred in North America. Yet in the 1520s, the Spanish, from their imperial perch in Santo…
Pris: 262,-
Horne, Gerald The Apocalypse of Settler Colonialism (1583676635)

Chronicles how American culture - deeply rooted in white supremacy, slavery and capitalism - finds its origin story in the 17th century European colonization of Africa and North America, exposing the structural…

Pris: 1 122,-
Midgley, Gerald Systemic Intervention (1461368855)

This book aims to rethink systemic intervention to enhance its relevance for supporting social change in the 21st century. It offers a new systems philosophy and methodology, focusing upon the fundamental…

Pris: 1 361,-
Scarfe, Gerald Scarfe (1408711710)
In the stunning retrospective Scarfe, which expands on 2005's Drawing Blood in every way, Gerald Scarfe's work is presented as no book has presented it before. This fully illustrated, 576-page volume…
Pris: 491,-
Alred, Gerald J. The Handbook of Technical Writing (1319058523)

From abstracts to online professional profiles, from blogs and forums to formal reports and manuals, the Handbook of Technical Writing uses smart, accessible language to spotlight and clarify technical writing today.…

Pris: 919,-
The Dawning of the Apocalypse
Here, Gerald Horne argues forcefully that, in order to understand the arrival of colonists from the British Isles in the early seventeenth century, one must first understand the "long sixteenth century"-from 1492 until…
Pris: 251,-
Gaus, Gerald Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (0691219796)

An updated and expanded edition of the classic introduction to PPE?philosophy, politics, and economics?coauthored by one of the field?s pioneers

Philosophy, Politics,…

Pris: 575,-
Nelson, Gerald An Introduction to English Grammar (1138855499)

An Introduction to English Grammar provides a comprehensive overview of all aspects of English grammar. The first part of the book (?The Grammar?) provides a step-by-step introduction to the key topics in English…

Pris: 462,-
Weeks, Gerald R. Techniques for the Couple Therapist (113881461X)

Techniques for the Couple Therapist features many of the most prominent psychotherapists today, presenting their most effective couple therapy interventions. This book provides clinicians with a…

Pris: 1 803,-
ART Scarfe, Gerald The Art of Pink Floyd The Wall (1408714329)

The Art of Pink Floyd The Wall is a sumptuously illustrated book, collecting Gerald Scarfe's iconic work for Pink Floyd. First The Wall was an album, then it was a stage show, a film - now there will…

Pris: 281,-
Sittser, Gerald L. Water from a Deep Well (0830837450)
In Rome in A.D. 165, two men named Carpus and Papylus stood before the proconsul of Pergamum, charged with the crime of being Christians. Not even torture could make them deny Christ, so they were burned alive. Is my…
Pris: 393,-
Fitz-Gerald, Sean Before the Lights Go Out: A Season Inside a Game on the Brink
A love letter to a sport that's losing itself, from one of Canada's best sports writers.

Canadian hockey is approaching a state of crisis. It's become more expensive, more exclusive, and effectively…

Pris: 260,-
Marzorati, Gerald Seeing Serena (1982127880)
A riveting chronicle of trailblazing tennis champion and cultural icon Serena Williams?s turbulent 2019 tour season and a revealing portrait of who she is, both on and off the court.

Serena Williams…
Pris: 2 999,-
Kave Home - Gerald Sengebord 60x40 - Natur/Hvit Unoliving
Stort og nøye utvalg av møbler og hjemmedekorasjon ? Kave Home - Gerald Sengebord 60x40 - Natur/ Hvit ? Åbent kjøp i 365 dager.
Pris: 313,-
Durrell, Gerald Min familie har finner, fjer og sko (8711694734)

'At læse Durrells bøger er som at få foræret barndommens solrige dage tilbage.' Anders Kofoed, zoolog og forfatter til Superkryb og 100 myter om dyr.  

Pris: 310,-
O'Collins, Gerald Tripersonal God (0826476880)
In The Tripersonal God, Gerald O'Collins examines the roots and development of Trinitarian belief, drawing on three areas for reflection: Testimony to the tripersonal God in the scriptures - both the Old Testament…
Pris: 1 041,-
Folland, Gerald B. Introduction to Partial Differential Equations
The second edition of Introduction to Partial Differential Equations, which originally appeared in the Princeton series Mathematical Notes, serves as a text for mathematics students at the intermediate graduate level.…
Pris: 218,-
The Heart of the Matter - The Gerald Kraak Anthology
Showcases some of the most provocative works of fiction, poetry and non-fiction. The winning essay, 'Mothers and Men' by OluTimehin Adegbeye, truly captures the essence of the African LGBTQI+ community. The anthology…
Pris: 785,-
Keller, Gerald Statistics for Management and Economics (1473768268)
The established text Statistics for Management and Economics delivers an accessible and comprehensive overview for business students across the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. With a wealth of examples and real…
Pris: 119,-
Gerald Garcia - Latin American Guitar Festival
Pris: 199,-
Gerald Barry: Alice's Adventures Under Ground
Fun, furious, frantic, and utterly fantastic! The surreal world of Lewis Carroll?s Alice, both in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, is given an extra twist in Gerald Barry?s operatic treatment. At less than an…
Pris: 199,-
The Best Of Gerald Levert (USA-import)
Pris: 400,-
Pollack, Gerald Fourth Phase of Water (096268953X)
What mysteries lurk in the depths of a glass of water? What makes the wispy clouds of vapour rising from your cup of hot coffee? Or the puffy white clouds hovering in the sky? Why do bubbles in your fizzy drinks get…
Pris: 281,-
Wingrove, Gerald Complete Car Modeller (1861266448)
The book covers the first steps - tools and materials, how to select a scale and draw up plans; tyres and wheels - making moulds, techniques for wire and spoked wheels; painting and material finishes - brush painting and…
Pris: 179,-
An Introduction To Gerald Levert (USA-import)
Pris: 250,-
Peary, Gerald Quentin Tarantino (161703875X)
Here, in his own colorful, slangy words, is the true American Dream saga of a self-proclaimed ''film geek, '' with five intense years working in a video store, who became one of the most popular, recognizable, and…
Pris: 244,-
The Reluctant Billionaire - The Tragic Life of Gerald Grosvenor, Sixth Duke of
The extraordinary and unhappy life story of one of the world's richest men. By the author of the best-selling Backstairs Billy ISBN 9781849547802 hb and ISBN: 9781785900006 pb, with combined sales of 15, 600 across…
Pris: 274,-
Allen, Gerald R A Field Guide to Tropical Reef Fishes of the Indo-Pacific
  • Covers over 1, 670 species of reef fishes found in the vast Indo-Pacific region, which is home to the greatest variety of marine life in the world
  • Fully revised in its 5th edition
  • Contains over…
Pris: 301,-
Huber, Gerald 12000 Jahre Weihnachten (3862222934)
Pris: 296,-
Zaltman, Gerald Marketing Metaphoria (1422121151)
Why do advertising campaigns and new products often fail? Why do consumers feel that companies don't understand their needs? Because marketers themselves don't think deeply about consumers' innermost thoughts and…
Pris: 284,-
Wallace, William Seventh Sense Imaginal Healing: An homage to Dr. Richard
Pris: 284,-
Carter, Gerald LDAP System Administration (1565924916)
Explains how to centralize configuration information using LDAP, covering topics including access control, distributed directories, managing printers, interoperability, and scripting.
Pris: 501,-
Bray, Gerald Biblical Interpretation: Past & Present (0830815651)
Gerald Bray's introductory text examines how the church has interpreted Scripture through the centuries, including key issues and thinkers for each period of church history.
Pris: 550,-
Gerald Clarke - Falling Rock
Pris: 249,-
Introit: The Music Of Gerald Finzi (UK-import)
Pris: 157,-
Gerald Durrell - The Authorised Biography
The authorised biography of the great naturalist and conservationist Gerald Durrell, who died aged seventy in January 1995 in Jersey, where he founded the zoo he'd dreamed of as a small boy and pioneered the captive…
Pris: 265,-
Gardner, Gerald B. Keris And Other Malay Weapons (9748304299)
A keris (or kris) is a unique knife or sword that has been constructed for magical as well as practical purpose. This work illustrates, describes and catalogues the entire corpus of Malay weaponry. It focuses on the…
Pris: 262,-
Geraldene Holt's Cakes
The earliest version of this book (which was the cookery writer Geraldene Holt's first work) was the result of years of baking for the WI stall in a nearby Devon market town. People soon recognised that here was a talent…
Pris: 2 599,-
Kave Home LaForma Geralda Loungestol - Akasie/Polyrotting flet
Smuk stol til brug både inde og ude. Stolen er udført i olieret massivt akacietræ og med sæde og ryg i beigefarvet flettet polyrattan. Polyrattan er en hårdføre plastikudgave af naturmaterialet rattan.
Pris: 2 799,-
Kave Home LaForma Geralda Loungestol - mørkbeisett Akasie/Polyrotting flet
Smuk stol til brug både inde og ude. Stolen er udført i mørkbejdset massivt akacietræ og med flettet sæde og ryg i beigefarvet polyrattan. Polyrattan er en hårdføre plastikudgave af naturmaterialet rattan. Når møblet…
Pris: 249,-
Kero Kniven Horn Steel Fire Starter With Canned Opener & Knife
Horn Steel Fire Starter With Canned Opener & Knife fra Kero Kniven er en kniv .knivarOther OneSize
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