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Handbook of the International Phonetic Association (0521637511)

This book is a comprehensive guide to the International Phonetic Alphabet, whose aim is to provide a universally agreed system of notation for the sounds of languages, and which has been widely used for over a…

Pris: 510,-
Handbook of Psychodynamic Approaches to Psychopathology (1462531423)
Authoritative and comprehensive, this volume provides a contemporary psychodynamic perspective on frequently encountered psychological disorders in adults, children, and adolescents. Leading international authorities…
Pris: 579,-
Handbook of Signs & Symptoms (1451194250)
Handbook of Signs & Symptoms, 5th Edition
The newly updated Handbook of Signs & Symptoms, 5e proves it is still the must-have clinical nursing tool for improving patient safety, by increasing…
Pris: 301,-
Serverless Handbook (1662911602)

Serverless Handbook for frontend engineers is the resource I wish I had jumping into serverless. A guide borne of experience and pain.

No academic bullshit where you're not sure if the author ever…

Pris: 696,-
Handbook of the International Phonetic Association (0521652367)

This book is a comprehensive guide to the International Phonetic Alphabet, whose aim is to provide a universally agreed system of notation for the sounds of languages, and which has been widely used for over a…

Pris: 559,-
Handbook of Applied Behavior Analysis (1462543758)
Widely regarded as the authoritative work on the principles and practice of applied behavior analysis (ABA), this indispensable volume is now in a revised and expanded second edition. Leading experts present…
Pris: 175,-
Ukulele Handbook
Pris: 418,-
The Handbook of Constitutional and Energetic Herbal Medicine
Pris: 512,-
SAGE Handbook of Grounded Theory (1849204780)
This Handbook gives a comprehensive overview of the theory and practice of grounded theory, taking into account the many attempts to revise and refine Glaser and Strauss' original formulation.
Pris: 655,-
Handbook of Aviation and Space Medicine - First Edition
Pris: 550,-
Pris: 118,-
Pankaj Publications Handbook of Sitar
Pankaj Handbook of Sitar: handbook for the sitar, by Pankaj Vishal, history, anatomy, care and playing of the instrument, ISBN 9788187155959, format 13.2 x 21.4 cm, 92 pages, in English language
Pris: 463,-
Handbook of Pediatric Psychology
Pris: 1 180,-
Handbook of Bird Biology
Selected by Forbes.
Pris: 655,-
Handbook of Victims and Victimology
Pris: 550,-
Handbook of CTG Interpretation - From Patterns to Physiology
This practical manual promotes an evidence-based paradigm of fetal heart rate monitoring during labour, moving away from the traditional 'pattern-based' interpretation to physiology-based interpretation. Aimed at…
Pris: 1 530,-
Handbook of Applied Dog Behavior and Training - Etiology and Assessment of
This text is a reference for dog trainers, behaviourists, breeders and veterinarians. Coupled with the first volume, the book provides a theoretical and practical framework for understanding the development and treatment…
Pris: 682,-
Handbook for Stoelting's Anesthesia and Co-Existing Disease - Expert Consult:
Covers clinically relevant topics from "Stoelting's Anesthesia and Coexisting Disease, 5th Edition". This title presents the results of the advanced clinical trials to help you make effective clinical decisions, while…
Pris: 360,-
Bannink Handbook of Solution-Focused Conflict Management (0889373841)
Benjamin Franklin once said: 'every problem is an opportunity in disguise'. In the new and highly successful approach of solution-focused conflict management described here, the focus is on discovering these…
Pris: 699,-
Handbook of International Law
This guide to international law offers a practical approach to the subject, allowing the non-specialist to clearly understand its central principles and rules. Anthony Aust uses his professional experience to give a…
Pris: 157,-
Handbook of Crochet Stitches - The Complete Illustrated Reference to Over 200
An essential guide for crochet workers of all abilities.
Pris: 655,-
Handbook of Language and Literacy - Development and Disorders
Pris: 699,-
Handbook of Pediatric Urology
Pris: 550,-
Handbook of Learning Disabilities
Pris: 682,-
Handbook of Recidivism Risk / Needs Assessment Tools
Pris: 1 793,-
Handbook of Antennas for EMC, Second Edition
The second edition features a wealth of brand new material, including chapters on recent techniques, standards, and measurements. It provides a thorough understanding of the practical aspects and underpinnings of…
Pris: 649,-
Handbook of emotions
Pris: 655,-
Handbook of Self and Identity
Widely regarded as the authoritative reference in the field, this volume comprehensively reviews theory and research on the self. Leading investigators address this essential construct at multiple levels of analysis,…
Pris: 267,-
The Handbook of Deontic Logic and Normative Systems, Volume 2
Pris: 275,-
Overlanders' Handbook (1905864876)
Chris Scott and his band of globetrotting contributors and specialists have put together the definitive manual for planning and undertaking a vehicle-dependent overlanding adventure across the wilds of Asia, Africa and…
Pris: 419,-
Handbook of Therapeutic Storytelling - Stories and Metaphors in Psychotherapy,
Pris: 220,-
Age of Sigmar Generals Handbook 2020 Warhammer Age of Sigmar
Pris: 594,-
Handbook of Diagnosis and Treatment of DSM-5 Personality Disorders - Assessment,
Pris: 594,-
Handbook of Life Design - From Practice to Theory and from Theory to
Our lives and careers are becoming ever more unpredictable. The "life-design paradigm" described in detail in this ground-breaking handbook helps counselors and others meet people's increasing need to develop and manage…
Pris: 745,-
Bøker The Wristwatch Handbook - Unisex
Pris: 682,-
Handbook on Prisons
Pris: 499,-
Technical Handbook for Radio Monitoring VHF/UHF (3732241475)
Pris: 299,-
Handbook of composition; a compendium of rules regarding good English, grammar,
Pris: 743,-
Handbook of Play Therapy
A complete, comprehensive play therapy resource for mental health professionals Handbook of Play Therapy is the one-stop resource for play therapists with coverage of all major aspects written by experts in the…
Pris: 360,-
SAGE Handbook of Social Work Research (1412934990)
A groundbreaking handbook which evaluates the role of social work research in the context of national and international societies
Pris: 682,-
Handbook of Service User Involvement in Nursing and Healthcare
Handbook of User Involvement in Nursing and Healthcare Research is an invaluable guide to those working in nursing and healthcare research, helping them understand service users' expectations about involvement.
Pris: 499,-
Handbook of Veterinary Obstetrics & Infertility in Farm Animals
Pris: 174,-
Handbook Of Palmistry
Pris: 399,-
Handbook of Person-Centered Mental Health Care (0889375682)
A valuable resource for psychiatrists and other mental health service providers wanting to use person-centered approaches Holistic approach to mental health care Practical tools for service users and providers…
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