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Pris: 431,-
Creative Finney, John Creative and Critical Projects in Classroom Music

Creative and Critical Projects in Classroom Music is both a celebration and extension of John Paynter and Peter Aston?s groundbreaking work on creative classroom music, Sound and Silence, first…

Pris: 557,-
Creative Wilkins, Margaret Lucy Creative Music Composition (0415974674)
Creative Music Composition is designed to be an introductory textbook for music students. 'Creative composition'-composing in your own style, rather than in the style of a composer of the past-is embraced by…
Pris: 1 132,-
Creative Adelaide, Debra Creative Writing Practice (3030736733)

Creative Writing Practice: reflections on form and process explores the craft of creative writing by illuminating the practices of writers and writer-educators. Demonstrating solutions to problems in different…

Pris: 283,-
Creative Basting, Anne Creative Care (0062906178)

A MacArthur Genius Grant recipient pioneers a radical change in how we interact with older loved ones, especially those experiencing dementia, as she introduces a proven method that uses the creative arts to…

Pris: 249,-
Creative Trendy Lights Veggdekor - Kiss
Dekorer veggen på rommet ditt med denne stilige Kiss lampen som du selv dekorerer med glitter, perler, bånd, paljetter og klistremerker som du ønsker. Bruk limen og pensel til å feste på de ulike dekordelene og skap ditt…
Pris: 284,-
Creative Flack, Jerry D. Creative Thinking and Problem Solving for Young

Can creativity be taught? Absolutely! And Meador shows you exactly how to nourish creativity and problem-solving abilities in your students. After presenting valid models of creative thinkers appearing in outstanding…

Pris: 356,-
Creative Frato, Kevin Input Creative Writing - A Classroom Guide

Här är en praktisk handbok för att komma igång med kreativt skrivande i ditt klassrum.

* Ett sätt att öka elevers läsande av skönlitteratur är att lära dem att skriva. Om man förstår hur berättelser byggs upp,…

Pris: 535,-
Creative Johnson, Greg Developing Creative Content for Games

This book provides readers with a solid understanding of game development, design, narrative, charaterization, plot, back story and world creation elements that are crucial for game writers and designers as they…

Pris: 255,-
Creative Capacchione, Lucia The Creative Journal (0804011648)

Originally released in 1980, Lucia Capacchione?s The Creative Journal has become a classic in the fields of art therapy, memoir and creative writing, art journaling, and creativity development. Using more…

Pris: 369,-
Creative Bailey, Sally Creative Arts Therapy Careers (0367476533)

Creative Arts Therapy Careers is a collection of essays written by and interviews with registered drama therapists, dance/ movement therapists, music therapists, art therapists, poetry therapists, and…

Pris: 70,-
Creative Ses Creative - Barnesaks
Stilig barnesaks perfekt for små barn i alder 3-6 år. Saksen klipper kun i papir slik at både hår og fingre er trygge når barnet ønsker å lage nye kunstverk med den røde og hvite saksen. Klipper kun papir Måler ca 13 cm…
Pris: 302,-
Creative Kesler-Simpson, Susan Creative Treadling with Overshot

Step out of the weaving comfort zone and experiment with something new!

Weave structures often have a specific threading and treadling style patterns that are unique to that particular weave structure. These…

Pris: 302,-
Creative Leland, Nita New Creative Collage Techniques (1440309213)
Get ready to make great art!

New Creative Collage Techniques is filled with the guidance you need to make striking collages with a range of materials and mediums. It's fun and easy to jump right in, whether…

Pris: 302,-
Creative Boggon, Sharon Creative Stitches for Contemporary Embroidery

Find endless inspiration in this photo guide for embroidery stitching. Beginners and experienced embroiderers will create new patterns by playing with stitches ? manipulating height, width, symmetry, and layers ? for…

Pris: 509,-
Creative Davis, Harold Creative Garden Photography (1681985616)
  • Make great photos of flowers, gardens, landscapes and the beautiful world around us with these pointers from author and photographer, Harold Davis.

    • In this book, you?ll find…

Pris: 336,-
Creative Kara, Helen Creative Research Methods (1447356748)
Creative research methods can help to answer complex contemporary questions which are hard to answer using conventional methods alone. Creative methods can also be more ethical, helping researchers to address social…
Pris: 383,-
Creative Gilbert, Anne Green Creative Dance for All Ages (1450480942)

Resource for dance educators in K-12 schools, studios, companies, and recreation settings. Undergraduate text for teaching methods courses.

Pris: 5 999,-
Creative Rine Konsolbord, Brun, Mango Unoliving
Stort og nøye utvalg av møbler og hjemmedekorasjon ? Rine Konsolbord, Brun, Mango ? Åbent kjøp i 365 dager.
Pris: 507,-
Creative Reid, Anna Creative Research in Music (0367231352)

Creative Research in Music explores what it means to be an artistic researcher in music in the twenty-first century. The book delineates the myriad processes that underpin successful artistic research in…

Pris: 617,-
Creative Moses, Wilson Jeremiah Creative Conflict in African American Thought
Building upon his previous work and using Richard Hofstadter's The American Political Tradition as a model, Professor Moses has revised and brought together in this book essays that focus on the complexity of, and…
Pris: 87,-
Creative Haven Celestial Mandalas Coloring Book
Pris: 384,-
Creative My Creative Bible Purple Glitter Hardcover (1432129236)
Pris: 567,-
Creative Kohlert, Christine Space for Creative Thinking: Design Principles for
Businesses and schools today are looking for ways to spur the kind of creative thinking that leads employees and students to generate innovative ideas. Many are finding that the physical spaces in which people work and…
Pris: 139,-
Creative Räddningsdroppar 5 Flower Remedy 10 ml
Five Flower Remedy kan være ett hjelpemiddel når du kjenner deg stresset, er utsatt for sjokk, opplever sorg eller kjenner deg rammet av panikk. Kalles også Reddningsdråper. Av alla Dr. Bachs blomsteressenser er denne…
Pris: 415,-
Creative Family Therapy Techniques (0968519962)
Bringing together an array of highly creative contributors, this comprehensive resource presents a unique collection of assessment and treatment techniques. Contributors illustrate how play, art, drama, and other…
Pris: 294,-
Creative McKay, Frederick Leslie Creative Harmony: A Project Method for Advanced
Creative Harmony is an advanced theory textbook by the famous American composer George Frederick McKay (1899-1970) whose music has been presented by conductors Leopold Stokowski, Sir Thomas Beecham, Leonard Slatkin,…
Pris: 333,-
Creative Neale Derek A Creative Writing Handbook (1408109417)
An inspiring range of approaches to enrich your writing skills. Packed with stimulating writing exercises, numerous quotes and over 30 extracts from literature across a wide variety of genres, the book can be followed as…
Pris: 260,-
Creative Vadakan, Ted Creative Spaces (1452174091)
This debut book from acclaimed Los Angeles lifestyle brand Poketo proves creativity can be sparked anywhere. From a colorful desk in a tiny closet to expansive homes, Creative Spaces explores the lives, homes,…
Pris: 576,-
Creative Berger, David Creative Jazz Composing and Arranging
This book is for anyone who writes, plays or listens to jazz. It explains the writing process and the construction of jazz pieces. I've attempted to answer many of the questions that arrangers and composers ask…
Pris: 208,-
Creative Critical Response REH-1501 (1050 mAh 3.7 V)
1050 mAh batteri egnet for Creative Critical Response REH-1501 (CS523450AL 1S1P). (CS523450AL 1S1P). 12 måneder Garanti. 30-dager penger tilbake garanti 12 måneder Garanti. 30-dager penger tilbake garanti
Pris: 59,-
Creative Kakeform Krone - 1-pakning
Med denne formen kan du stanse ut små fine kroner i kakedeig, leire, sukkerpasta og marsipan. By på kakekroner i et prinsesseselskap, på en babyshower eller i en dåp. Kakene blir til og med enda søtere?
Pris: 752,-
Creative Cook, Nicholas Music as Creative Practice (0199347808)
Until recently, ideas of creativity in music revolved around composers in garrets and the lone genius. But the last decade has witnessed a sea change: musical creativity is now overwhelmingly thought of in terms of…
Pris: 267,-
Creative Nelson, Mark Creative World Building and Creature Design: A Guide for
Pris: 234,-
Creative Sound Blaster Play! 3
Sound Blaster PLAY! 3 er en USB DAC og forsterker som gir umiddelbar oppgradering av lyden fra hovedkortet. Den kan brukes med både PC og Mac og har en kraftig forsterker som kan drive enhver hodetelefon - fra vanlige…
Pris: 360,-
Creative Jeans Jacket - Dusk BlueBlå
Stilig denimjakke i lyseblått. Jakken har frynsedetaljer rundet kragen og har to lommer foran. Materiale: 99% Bomull og 1% Elastane
Pris: 1 419,-
Creative Stage 2.1 kanal Soundbar m/subwoofer (160W)
Pris: 255,-
Creative Grainger, Stuart Creative Ropecraft (1493062026)
Creative Ropecraft is a treasure trove of knots, hitches, bends, plaits and netting. ANyone tempted to try their hand at ropecraft will be able to follow in the footsteps of the traditional seamen who have gone before…
Pris: 359,-
Creative Sanctuary Press Creative Guitar 1 (1860744621)
Pris: 384,-
Creative Mulford, Charles W. Creative Cash Flow Reporting (0471469181)
Successful methodology for identifying earnings-related reporting indiscretions Creative Cash Flow Reporting and Analysis capitalizes on current concerns with misleading financial reporting on misleading financial…
Pris: 577,-
Creative Live! Cam Sync 1080p - Nettkamera - farge - 2 MP - 1920 x 1080 -
Pris: 294,-
Creative Tunings Spider Standard Kapo Akustik/E-Gitarre
Creative Tunings Spider Standard Capo Acoustic, Acoustic Capo, New special capo, Like a third hand with six fingers, which allows individual tuning, Capos each string individually, Guitar can be played above and below…
Pris: 573,-
Creative Berger, David Creative Jazz Composing and Arranging II: Writing for
Composer-arranger David Berger shares the secrets of writing vocal music that's fresh, original and memorable, distilled from a lifetime of writing for singers like Jon Hendricks and C cile McLorin Salvant, Betty Carter…
Pris: 213,-
Creative Batteri (1050 mAh 3.7 V) passende til Batteri til Creative
batteri (1050 mAh) egnet for Creative M1501 (CS523450AL 1S1P). (CS523450AL 1S1P). 12 måneder Garanti. 30-dager penger tilbake garanti 12 måneder Garanti. 30-dager penger tilbake garanti
Pris: 378,-
Creative Sketching in Product Design (9887849383)
Though computer rendering has been a huge boon to designers, drawing by hand is still indispensable when it comes to developing ideas and presenting concept art. Creative Sketching in Product Design offers readers a…
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